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Planning A Princess Party? 6 Things To Consider for A Princess Theme Party

It's inevitable for many of us parents, at some point there will be a Princess themed party to organize! Here are a few things to consider:

1. Princess Invitations

I just love homemade invitations, it is a great activity for you to do with your child. Here are a few simple ideas you can adapt to your color scheme.

  • Princess Wand Invitation – use a dowel for the stick and a cut out a star for the wand and write the details on the star. Decorate with stick on jewels and ribbons

  • Scroll Tied with Ribbon – print the details on a colored piece of paper, stick some jewels and glitter to the invitation and then roll and tie with a ribbon

2. Princess Theme Decorations

Next you need to decorate your table, take a look at Mad Hatter Party Box's range of princess inspired tableware. I just love these handtied cutlery and goblets.


3. Princess Tiaras and Wands

It's a wonderful idea to give out tiaras, crowns and wands to all the kids at the start of the party as it makes for some great looking party photos. I just love some of these handmade crowns found on Etsy. These are some of my favorite.

These felt crowns are by Fat Cat Parties:


This beautiful lace crown is by Oliviaanncollections

Lace Crown.jpg

​If you are having a Frozen theme princess party check out this tutorial on how to make a Frozen wand.

4. Princess Favors or Goody Bags

Avoid cheap plastic favors, make little bouquets of flowers wrapped in a ribbon and add a pretty thank you tag. I love this little bouquet by, there is also a tutorial on how to make it.

If you don't have time to make party favors, order handmade princess goody bags from Each muslin drawstring bags include a cute little princess pamper kit, candy bracelet, unicorn necklace and princess bubbles. They also do a range of smaller favors available to purchase.

5. Princess Theme Party Food

These simple food ideas are great for a princess birthday party.

  • Colored macaroons – these come in an array of colors

  • Shaped sandwiches – use a crown cookie cutter to make peanut butter or strawberry cream cheese sandwiches

  • Cupcakes and cake pops –sprinkle these with edible glitter

  • Fruit wands – cut fruit into different shapes and thread onto kebab sticks

  • Pearl candy - Use white Sixlets candy to create bowls of pearls

  • Pink drinks - Strawberry milk shakes or pink lemonade

6. Princess Party Games & Activities

Invest some time in creating fun and entertaining party games and activities. Here are some great ideas:

  • Edible Jewelry Making - This is such a cute and simple activity and the kids will love it. Set out pink shoe laces and let the children thread colored cereal loops onto the lace. Once the lace is full of cereal, tie the ends together.

  • Decorating Princess Mirrors - Little princesses will love looking into their own decorated hand held mirrors. Simply buy undecorated hand held mirrors from your local craft shop and then leave out glitter glue pens and stick on jewels and let them create!

Written by Melissa Sender - Co-founder of Mad Hatter Party Box, mother of 4 year old twins – Emily & Sienna and Leo aged 2. Melissa was born in the UK and moved to California in 2013 with her family.

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