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Themed Party Food Ideas - Pirate Party Crocodile

Pirate Party crocodile - a healthy but fun addition to your pirate table.

1) Take an English cucumber and cut a v shape in one end for his mouth, and a slice off the bottom of the other end for his tail. You can then use these off cuts to shape his feet which you can attach to the sides of the cucumber with toothpicks.

2) Create the spines on his back by adding grapes or baby grapte tomatoes onto a toothpick and then cut a triangle of cheese to the top to make the spike.

3) Use 2 blueberries on cut down toothpicks for eyes, and then cut cut sipkes in a long thin piece of hard cheese for his teeth. Attaching the teeth is the tricky bit, so a top tip here is to use some kitchen paper to pat the inside of the cucumber dry, then add a layer of cream cheese and stick the cheese teeth into it - you may also need a cut down toothpick to secure in place.

4) Use some parsley or iceburg lettuce under your crocodile so it looks like seaweed

Other ideas for Pirate theme food are to use pirate shape cutters - swords, palm trees, skull and crossbones, pirate ships etc to cut out sandwiches which can be laid out on a bed of iceberg lettuce seaweed!. You can also use your sword cutter to shape veggie snacks like carrots or cucumber. Sword shaped toothpicks are also good for making mini fruit, candy or veggie kebabs.

Written by Sarah Boorman - Co-founder of Mad Hatter Party Box, Founder of Mad Hatter Party Food and mother of 7 year old twins - Amelia and Maya. Sarah was born in the UK and moved to California in 2013 with her family.

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