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Themed Party Food Ideas - Magic Toadstools

Ideal for a Fairy Party, Mad Hatter Tea Party, or just for fun, these magic toadstools will make your party guests smile.

1) Hard boil as many eggs as you would like toadstools

2) Cut tomatos in half (you need half as many as eggs as you only need one half per toadstool)

3) Stand each egg up, and put a toothpick into the middle of the egg so it is just poking out the top (you may need to cut it a little). Attach the tomato half onto the toothpick, so the round side is facing up.

4) Take some cream cheese and either pipe or dot it onto the top of the tomatos.

5) Top tip - to give your eggs a little more stability, you can stand them in a cut up egg box and then cover the box and the base of the toadstools with iceburg lettuce so it looks like they are growing in a field.

Written by Sarah Boorman - Co-founder of Mad Hatter Party Box, Founder of Mad Hatter Party Food and mother of 7 year old twins - Amelia and Maya. Sarah was born in the UK and moved to California in 2013 with her family.

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