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How To Plan A Simple Under The Sea Or Ocean Party For Kids

Dive into the depths of the ocean and create an underwater wonderland for your child's next birthday party. This is an excellent neutral theme suitable for both girls' and boys' birthday parties. It can also be adapted for a mermaid themed party.

Under The Sea Invitations

Make the invitation into an art project for your child, simply buy some small plastic bottle from your local hobby store, fill with a little sand, seashells and your invitation and then tie with raffia.


For those of you with less time, try an instant download, there are some lovely templates you can download from Etsy. This is a cute little one by LittleBeeGraphics

Under The Sea Decorations

Next its time to decorate your table and venue. Take a look at Mad Hatter Party Box's Under the Sea Party Tableware Box which comes complete with plastic decorated mason jars (safe for little hands), and a cute little centerpiece with an orange starfish. It's all delivered to your home with set up instructions.

Collage_ Under the Sea.jpg

Other great decorating ideas include:

  • Sea Creatures - Hang them from the ceiling or decorate your table with them, bright red crabs, colorful fish, seahorses, whales and delicate star fish are an essential component of any under the sea theme. Check out your local craft shop for different accessories you can add.

  • Bamboo Plates and Cutlery -I'm a huge fan of Bamboo plates and cutlery, not only does it have that natural wood look which is perfect for this theme, it's also eco-friendly and is biodegrades 4 to 6 months after disposal.

Under The Sea Food Ideas

There are so many fabulous under the sea theme food ideas around which I know I would never have the time to make, here are a few simple ideas for those of you that don't have time to spend hours in the kitchen.

  • Use cookie cutters to cut fish shapes out of peanut butter sandwiches, cheese slices, and deli meat slices

  • Make pasta shells and cheese (mac and cheese)

  • Place fish crackers in bowls

  • Use white or pale blue Sixlets candy to create sea pearls

  • Make blue Jello with fish gummy's inside

  • Use light brown sugar to create sand and then place items such as under the sea cupcakes on top.

  • Make oyster cookies – buy simple butter cookies, add some frosting in the center and a Sixlet candy.


These are just the sweetest little addition to any party. This great idea was take from Family Fun Magazine.

Under the Sea Games and Activities

Many people, myself included, spend hours looking at different fun food ideas, but spend far less time on what the children are actually going to do at the party. I know I've made this mistake! Here is a list of easy under the sea themed games and activities for kids you can do at home.

  • Ocean in a Bottle – fill a bottle half way up with water and add blue food coloring and shake. Add glitter and sea creatures and using a funnel fill the rest up with vegetable oil. (Don't shake). Add lid and seal with hot glue for extra protection from leaks. Turn the bottle on its side and gently rock to create wave effect.

  • Digging for Shells – simple yet entertaining bury shells in a sandpit, leave out shovels, if you find a shell you win a small prize!

  • Bubbles - it's simple, inexpensive and perfect for an under the sea theme!

Other options include pre-made sets of Under the Sea Themed Games and Activities. This one from Mad Hatter Party Box includes a make your own boat craft activtiy, an under the sea themed ring toss game with prizes and the sea creature themed pass the parcel mentioned above.

Under the Sea Goody Bags

I have to say I hate it when my kids come home with bags full of cheap plastic toys and sticky candy. Here are some ideas that don't cost much but are unique and original.

  • Fish and sea shell shaped crayons in a clear bag tied with a ribbon and a little thank you note – check out these crayons by Kages Krayons

  • Chocolate under the sea lollipops – love these colorful sea creatures by Bonbons

  • Star fish cookie cutter and mini playdough in a pretty presentation box tied with a ribbon and a fish themed tag by


Written by Melissa Sender - Co-founder of Mad Hatter Party Box, mother of 4 year old twins – Emily & Sienna and Leo aged 2. Melissa was born in the UK and moved to California in 2013 with her family.

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